Frequently Asked Questions

Portfolio cover

What size leather cover do I need for my work?

Choose the cover size that relates to the size of the content that you would like to insert. The actual cover will always be slightly larger to protect the content.

Can you send me colour samples?

Yes. Please contact us with your name, telephone number, address and colour preferences and we’ll endeavour to send you out some samples as soon as possible. We also recommend taking a look at this page first.

Can I have a bespoke colour?

Yes, different leather colours other than those specified are possible, however we usually require a minimum bulk order of 6 or more covers. Please contact us for more information and quotes.

I can't decide on a size or orientation. What would you recommend?

Each person’s needs are different, however if you’re a photographer we would recommend getting an A3 landscape portfolio – sleeveless.

Firstly, A3 is a common and affordable page size. With a landscape shape and going sleeveless, less of the page is lost in the binding as it’s on the shortest edge.

We would also highly recommend adding a set of inner covers. It really helps to give a portfolio that professional look as well as protect your first page from rubbing against the inside of the cover. We love the look of frosted covers as their translucency luringly hints at the content within.

The binding

Can I easily organise, remove and add to my content?

Yes. The content is bound using a pillar-and-post system rather than ring-bound. You can either unscrew the posts to remove the sleeves / inserts entirely… or, if you are using sleeves, you can simply slide your work in and out of these sleeves without needing to unscrew the posts.

I'd like to order some pillar/post extensions. How do I do that?

These can usually be sent out to you for free or for a small nominal fee. Please contact us.

I'm going sleeveless, how much of the page should be allowed for the binding?

The binding for all our portfolio sizes is approx. 1 inch wide. Therefore when printing or laying out your content, leave at least 1 inch down the binding edge free.

We recommend that you print, then punch, then score your content in that order.

What colour is the binding panel?

The fabric panels that surround and hide the binding (both front and back) are black. White folios come with white binding as standard unless black is requested.

Sleeves / Inner Covers

Where can I order additional/replacement sleeves?

Send a request via our form here.

Where can I order additional/replacement inner covers?

Send a request  here.


What is the size of the font used in standard personalisation?

The letters used for standard debossing (serif or sans-serif) will be one of two available sizes depending on the size of your portfolio and/or the amount of letters needed. 

  • The smaller size font is approx. 1/3″ tall (9mm)
  • The larger size font is approx. 1/2″ tall (14mm)

Please note: If your required letters don’t fit onto a single line you may need to pay an additional supplement or change your request.

What is the maximum size for a debossed logo?

Approx. 3.5″ x 3.5″ (9x9cm).

Can I specify the position of my personalisation text/logo?

The standard position is central within the lower third of the cover, however we may be able accommodate different requests. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Where can I upload my logo?

After you’ve accepted your quotation you can email your logo.   A proof will be sent to you for approval before proceeding. 

Is my logo/image file suitable?

Ideally we’d like you to provide high resolution (300dpi) jpeg, png or tiff file types. However, we can also accept other files types like: .psd, .pdf & .ai 

Can the debossed lettering or logo be a different colour to the cover?

Unfortunately we are unable to dye or tint the debossed area to a different colour.

Bulk orders, turnaround, shipping etc.

What is the normal turnaround for a portfolio order?

Normal turnaround time is 7-10 days whether you choose bespoke or standard personalisation options. If you have a quicker deadline please contact us to discuss this further.

I have a deadline, how quickly can you send out?

Normal turnaround time is 7-10 days whether you choose bespoke or standard personalisation options. If you have a quicker deadline please contact us to discuss this further and we’ll endeavour to meet your request. Additional charges for express delivery may be required.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Certainly. Please provide us with your exact delivery address together with your portfolio requirements and we will be able to provide an accurate quotation.

I'd like to place a bulk order. How do I do that?

To make a bulk order enquiry, please use our contact form. Give us as much detail as you can about the request (quantity, colour, size, personalisation, accessories etc.) and we’ll send you a quote asap.